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20 / Oct / 2004

IHT and TACA offer the “TACA Experience”

September 1, 2020
An industry visit for travel agents from Mexico and C.A.

In an effort to spread the Word about tourism opportunities in Honduras, GRUPO TACA and the Honduran Institute of Tourism (IHT) have launched a program called “the TACA Experience” for wholesale travel agents from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica.

The program is aimed at familiarizing travel agents throughout the region with the country’s main tourist attractions, as well as the services provided by TACA Airlines. The 15 agents who participated in the visit were provided with all pf the information they needed to include Honduras in their vacation package options upon returning home.

The TACA Experience is a GRUPO TACA initiative whose primary aim is to promote one of Central America’s most promising tourist destinations. As part of the program, participating travel agents were provided with free airfare, transportation, lodging and additional services.

IHT Marketing manager Joaquín Muñoz accompanied the group during their visit. “This initiative has been made a reality thanks to the efforts and support that GRUPO TACA provides to each of the countries in the region,” he said. “In the case of Honduras, the experience will allow us to advertise among the largest wholesalers in Mexico and Central America, and through them to show locals and foreigners alike the beauty that our country offers - our ‘three wide worlds’ which include the tropical beauty of our beaches and natural areas, Mayan archaeology and the prestigious coral reefs of our Caribbean world, which are great for diving. All of this allows us to demonstrate that Honduras is a great country.”

The visit included stops at the Copan ruins, San Pedro Sula, the cities of Tela and La Ceiba on the Caribbean coast, and as a final destination, Roatan in the Bay Islands. Participants from Mexico included the following general managers: Octavio Luna of Quality Tours, Andrés Mayugo of Julia Tours, Mario López of Viajes Galileo, Agustín Suárez of Profetur and Ursi Villar of Adonde Viajes. Participating from Guatemala wereAlvaro Chacón and Diana Velásquez, General Managers of Conexpress and OMT. They were accompanied by Edgar Ovando, Director of Vacation Marketing at GRUPO TACA.

Participating from El Salvador were: Guillermo Barrientos, General Manager of Travel Time; René Avalos, General Manager of Galaxia Tours; and Roger Lino, General Manager of E-Travel. The Costa Rica delegation included: Alejandro Villalobos, General Manager of Desafios Tour and Travel; Porfirio González, General Manager of Vic Vic; Mauricio Cortes, General Manager of Destinos TV, and Miguel Montero, Destinos TV cameraman.


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