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May 12/ 2003
- Press Releases
Spanish Travel Agency Will Promote Dive Tourism in Honduras

F.Barrio/Ultima Frontera(c)
Scuba diving in Honduras was chosen in May to be the featured destination at Spain’s Ultima Frontera Travel Agency. Ultima Frontera - “the final frontier” - specializes in dive vacations worldwide.

The agency is also sponsoring a conference series this year titled:”The Nature of the Planet’s Sea Floors”. A conference on Bay Islands sea life will be held in Madrid on May 29 at the Hotel Wellington (8 Calle Vasquez).

There, participants will see more than an hour of underwater footage filmed in the Bay Islands in April. The video features the beauty of the marine life that inhabits the world’s second largest coral reef.

F.Barrio/Ultima Frontera(c)

A vast diversity of fish, corals, plants, mammals and everything else a diver would expect to find in such a spectacular destinations as Guanaja, Roatan, Utila and the Hog Keys will be included in the show.

The Bay Islands reef is part of the Mesoamerican barrier. It is home to nearly all of the marine species that inhabit the Central Caribbean.

The presentation will also feature a swim with the dolphins that are currently being studied at the Institute of Marine Sciences on Roatan.

Ultima Frontera prepared the presentation with the help of the Office of Honduran Tourism in Madrid under the coordination of Sibella Arguello.


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