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10 March/ 2003

Tourism Ministry presents hotel classification project to private sector

Honduran hotels will soon be classified according to international standards now that public bidding has closed and the Tourism Ministry has designated a private company to carry out the classification process. The new rating system is aimed at encouraging the private sector to place a greater focus on tourism in Honduras.

The project, which was presented in April to the private tourism sector, will be carried out by the Freeman Group, a firm with years of experience in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The country’s hotels will be evaluated in terms of the quality of their services and infrastructure, and then compared against international standards. The system will not only give visitors access to criteria by which to pre-select their lodging establishments, it is also aimed at encouraging the country’s hotels to make improvements, thereby bettering the lodging experience nationwide.

The classification tool, which is used internationally, evaluates infrastructure and services in a way that is flexible, dynamic and continually adjusted as the market responds to changes in trends and demands. The advantages of the system include: increased recognition of classified hotels, especially with regards to immediately competitive markets; increased reliability, security and quality of available products and services; national and international credibility and recognition; increased profits; more efficient services; and greater stability and order in the country’s hotel sector.

Once complete, the classifications will be endorsed by the Tourism Ministry. They are not intended to alter the rates and services offered by individual hotels.


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