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24 Jun / 2004 In support of regional tourism:


On June 24, Honduras’ most prestigious long-distance bus line, Hedman Alas, launched its newest international route – luxury executive-class service between San Pedro Sula and San Salvador.With a stopover at the Mayan ruins of Copan, the route promises to be a favorite among tourists and business travelers alike.

Hedman Alas has been offering five-star service to Honduran bus travelers for more than 50 years.The company is known for its comfort and safety record.It was founded by visionary businessman Alex Hedman Deras in the 1940s, first offering service between San Pedro Sula and destinations in western Honduras.Employee Jorge Vasquez opened the route between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa in 1952.In 1961 the company added three modern buses to their fleet, complete with reclinable seats, becoming the first bus line in the country to offer passengers this high-comfort option.Inn1969 the Hedman Alas hotel was opened to provide lodging for passengers on overnight routes.

Always striving to maintain the company’s reputation as a serious and responsible bus line, Hedman Deras open the country’s first full service bus terminal in 1972 in San Pedro Sula, and another a year later in Tegucigalpa.He also created special excursion packages for students at the National Autonomous University of Honduras, many of whom have become today’s leading professionals and continue to choose Hedman Alas for their travel needs, recommending the service to other companies as well.

During the 1990s the company began offering executive-class service for business travelers between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.In 2000 Hedman Alas purchased a new fleet of modern Mercedes Benz buses, and a year later opened executive routes to Copan Ruinas and La Ceiba.The company first crossed international borders in 2002, celebrating its 50th anniversary with a new route to Guatemala City and Antigua.Expansions continued in 2003 with new routes to the popular NorthCoast tourism town of Tela.

This newest route departs San Salvador at 6:00am and arrives in Copan Ruinas at 10:00am, in San Pedro Sula at 2:00pm, Tegucigalpa at 7:00pm, La Ceiba at 5:00pm and Tela at 3:45pm.

The Hedman Alas offices are located at 2814 Calle El Progreso.
(Tel: 00-503-230-5100/5101/5102.)


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