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January 31/ 2003
- Press Releases
Government trains new micro-entrepreneurs in ethnic communities

Fourteen micro-business leaders from ethnic communities around the country have completed a Tourism Ministry training program and are now ready to launch projects aimed at strengthening their small-scale tourism businesses.

Participants from the Miskito, Pech and Lenca Indian communities traveled from the municipalities of Atima in the department of Santa Barbara; San Juan in Intibuca; La Campa and San Sebastian in Lempira; Amapala in Valle; as well as Choluteca and La Mosquitia to participate in the month-long program at Tegucigalpa’s Madrid Hotel School.

The sessions covered topics in hotel management, including reception, laundry and housekeeping, and kitchens and restaurants. Digna Lorenzo, Director of Municipal Development at the Tourism Ministry, said the program was designed to help the country’s ethnic communities invigorate their economies, create jobs and increase their standard of living by taking advantage of the tourism potential that surrounds them.

Recognizing training as a key element in the sector’s growth, the Tourism Ministry held a second month-long training session in January for members of the Lenca and Garifuna communities. The program is part of a nationwide municipal development plan launched by President Maduro and his administration.


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