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January 28/ 2003
- Press Releases
Government agencies will create tourism attaches

The Foreign Relations Ministry and the Tourism Ministry have signed an agreement to create a series of new Tourism Attachés, whose primary job will be to promote Honduran tourism abroad.

Foreign Relations Minister Guillermo Perez Cadalaso-Arias and Tourism Minister Thierry de Pierrefeu signed the agreement, emphasizing the need to more broadly promote Honduras as an international tourist destination. Under the new policy, special promotional offices will be set up in cities around the world, including Milan, Madrid, Berlin and Washington, D.C. - all cities with high potential to significantly boost their tourism flow into Honduras.

The agreement also includes special training programs for the new Attachés, as well as other key members of the Honduran diplomatic corps abroad. Each will be provided with a Procedural Manual for Tourism Promotion by Diplomats, which covers topics such as organizing press tours, making strategic alliances with foreign tour operators, creating data bases, participating in trade fairs and promoting investment in the sector.

The new team of Attachés will be coordinated by the Marketing Department of the Honduran Tourism Institute. Individual embassies will also participate administratively. The initiative seeks to increase the effectiveness of new marketing niches, a focus area that the Honduran government is working to expand.


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