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April 23/ 2003
- Press Releases
Successful campaign to promote local tourism during semana santa

Courtesy Diario El Heraldo
The Local Tourism Stimulation bill submitted to the National Congress by the Tourism Ministry has been highly successful, leading to massive numbers of Hondurans traveling over the Holy Week holiday and a nationwide hotel occupancy rate of 93%.

The number of tourists visiting Honduras from other countries also increased thanks to the initiative. Up 34% over the same period the previous year, a total of 20,117 tourists traveled to Honduras this Holy Week.

In terms of local tourism, destinations nationwide enjoyed greater numbers of visitors compared to last year. Hotels along the North Coast registered a 95% occupancy rate overall, with the most popular beach towns of Tela and La Ceiba reporting 100%. San Pedro Sula - a key distribution center for other North Coast destinations - enjoyed 85% occupancy.

Courtesy Diario El Heraldo
The Bay Islands also reported increased tourist flow, with 100% of hotels full in Utila, 94% in Roatan and 90% in Guanaja. In western Honduras, hotels in Copan Ruinas enjoyed 92% occupancy with 25% of visitors coming from abroad. The Copan Archaeological Park registered a record 7,000 visitors during Holy Week.

Other regions reported an increased tourist flow as well. South Coast hotels were 98% full, while hotels in eastern Honduras, Lake Yojoa and Comayagua registered 90% occupancy.

Broken down into numbers, Tela welcomed 117,306 visitors, both Honduran and foreign, San Lorenzo welcomed 12,358 and the beaches of Cedeño and Punta Raton 62,000, while 30,000 people traveled to colonial Comayagua to enjoy cultural and religious events there.

These figures show that moving October’s national holidays to April, giving many Hondurans a full week off for Holy Week, was an effective move for the country’s tourism industry.


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