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20/ Julio / 2005  


At a recent meeting of the LXII Assembly of the Central American Tourism Council (CCT) in Nicaragua, Lucia Salazar de Robelo, Executive President of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR), was chosen to be the next President Pro Tempore of the CCT. She follows Honduran Tourism Minister Thierry de Pierrefeu in that office.

Upon accepting the nomination, Salazar asked her regional counterparts to continue working with harmony and enthusiasm to develop and promote tourism in Central America. Tourism, she said, “is of tremendous value to the development of other sectors, helping to relieve the poverty of our countries. That’s why we must meet the goals we have set.”

The work plan proposed by Nicaragua during Salazar’s six-month term in office seeks to continue ongoing efforts throughout the region to strengthen the image of Central America as a ‘multi-destination,’ one that offers visitors a variety of activities and environments. The plan is also designed to continue current efforts to promote tourism in Central America as a united region rather than a collection of different countries.

More specifically, Nicaragua’s proposal includes the creation of a Regional System for Geographic Tourism Information, the development of new tourism products and the reinforcement of regional competitiveness, and the promotion of the Central American tourism industry as an excellent choice for investment and other financial activities. The plan will also support regional cultural programs and tourism training programs, strengthen promotion and marketing, make travel throughout the region easier, and encourage further cooperation.

Also participating in the CCT Assembly were regional tourism ministers Daniel Mooney of Guatemala, Ruben Rochi of El Salvador, Thierry Pierrefeu of Honduras, Rodrigo Castro of Costa Rica and Sara Sanchez of Panama. Representing Belize was Ambassador Moises Cal.


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