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03 / mayo / 2005  

Bay Islands coral conservation Project complete

Tourism is now the largest source of income in the Bay Islands.

April 21st, 2005.

The Ministry of Tourism has just completed a Lps. 20 million project to protect and conserve the wide variety of corals in Bay Islands waters.

“The Project is now a reality. What we need now is for people to be aware of the new environmental standards,” said Tourism Minister Thierry de Pierrefeu.

“With the participation of the civil society of the Bay Islands we have set a new Standard for the development of the islands.

This includes very specific standards regarding the management of solid waste, sewage and all other factors the contribute to the decline of coral reefs,” he added.

The Tourism Ministry will soon launch a community awareness program on all of the Bay Islands through the Bay Islands Sustainable Coastal Tourism Project, the executive commission of which includes both government and community leaders.

The commission is also in charge of enforcing compliance with the new environmental standards, with the support of community leaders and municipal authorities.


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