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01 / Feb / 2005  

Actors to bring Mayans back to life

Plans are underway to simulate a living Mayan village to draw More local and foreign tourists
Honduras, C.A.

The El Puente Archaeological Park is the least visited in Honduras. But if authorities at the Honduran Institute of Tourism have their way, El Puente won’t retain its dubious distinction for long.

As part of a new program, actors will be performing scenes from everyday Mayan life to help visitors visualize what life was like for this ancient culture.
El Puente joins the larger archaeological sites of Copan Ruins, Los Naranjos, Cerro Palenque and Plan Grande as the focal points of the Copan Valley Regional Development Plan, coordinated by Miriam Leiva and funded by the World Bank.

Hieroglyphic steps at the 40-hectare site are proof of that the enigmatic Maya once inhabited El Puente, says Leiva. In modern times the Maya are a fascinating topic and a large draw for tourists to the region.

In addition to acting out scenes from everyday Mayan life, plans to attract more visitors to El Puente also include creating exhibits illustrating the habits and items of daily Mayan living. These exhibits will include pottery, clothing and more.

Leiva said organizers relieve the investment required for the Project Hill pay for itself as the scenes drawing increasing numbers of curious tourists.
Most travelers to Honduras are drawn to the country because of the Bay Islands, the coral reefs and the Mayan Ruins at Copan.

Mayan ruins, says Leiva, feed the spirit and the soul of tourists, both entertaining them and making them think about ancient cultures, how they lived and what they believed.

The parks included in the development plan will all be featured in National Geographic Magazine and will be covered in other publications as well.

The project will be carried out in cooperation with the Honduran Institute of History and Anthropology with the technical assistance of the Copan Association.


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