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12 /
January / 2005

Cameron Díaz en Islas de la Bahía

The list of the rich and famous visiting Honduras continues to grow with the recent arrival of the popular actress Cameron Diaz to the Bay Islands and the Cayos Cochinos, where she will be filming a video.

The Honduran Ministry of Tourism revealed only that Diaz is present in the islands to film a video for MTV. The agency released no further information for the protection of Diaz and the country’s growing reputation as a place celebrities can visit and enjoy their privacy.

The actress arrived in Roatan on January 8 aboard a private jet. From there she set out for the Cayos Cochinos aboard the “Bobby Junior,” a private yacht owned by local islander Mac Nab. Diaz spent the weekend at the Plantation Beach Resort Hotel – known as Palmetto Beach –in en exclusive part of the island where few Hondurans have access.

After completing her shoot at the Cayos Cochinos, Diaz continued filming on the nearly uninhabited islet of Barbaretta – a favorite hideaway for celebrities located just east of Roatan. Barbaretta is known not only for its spectacular Caribbean beauty, but also for the ability of its few inhabitants to keep quiet about their famous visitors.


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