Exploration. Relaxation. Adventure. It’s all here. Explore the ancient wonders of Copan, what some call the Paris of ancient Maya cities. Fly hundreds of feet above the rainforest on a zip line through dense canopy. Or spend time in the Bay Islands, catching your breath in a place that is forever taking it away with its breathtaking sunsets and white sand. Test your nerve in La Ceiba against the raging Rio Cangrejal, a magnificent river with harrowing rapids that winds through lush jungle. There is a litany of things to see and do here, and a lifetime of memories to be made.


A walk around our main cities and towns should be enough to find handicrafts and demonstrations of our cultures, well worked wood carvings, baskets, embroidery, textiles and ceramics. Our cuisine in varied; the most typical dishes are prepared with seafood in a variety of styles. “Hijos del Maíz”, the “Tortillas”, “Enchiladas”, corn tamales, ”Nacatamales” are our daily bread… the popular “Baleadas” captive our visitors… as well as fresh tropical fruits available all year round… mangos, pineapple, papaya, banana and much more… An exciting, yet peaceful, friendly country on the verge of tourism discovery.