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October 8/ 2003
- Press Releases

World Tourism Organization Launches Training Program in Honduras to Strengthen Municipal Tourism

In an effort to strengthen the role municipal governments play in developing local tourism, the World Tourism Organization has launched a series of training programs throughout Honduras. The goal is to help small town mayors offices and their employees design strategies to promote and develop tourism in their own areas, especially those located in regions involved in the Sustainable Coastal Tourism Project and the Lenca Route.

With logistical support from the Ministry of Tourism, WTO consultant Manuel Marchena visited Honduras from August 25 to 31. He gave two seminars on the topic “Sustainable Tourism: the Role of the Municipality.”

The first was held at the Posada Real Hotel in Copan Ruinas on August 26 and 27 with the participation of mayors and vice mayors from the municipalities of La Campa, Gracias, Taulabé, Atima, Santa Barbara, Yuscaran, El Corpus, Comayagua, San Marcos, Santa Rosa de Copan, Copan Ruinas, La Esperanza, Intibuca, La Paz, Valle de Angeles, Santa Ana, Amapala, San Juan de Intibuca, Danli, El Paraiso and Campamento (Olancho).

The seminar highlighted successful tourism projects and provided a forum for participants to share ideas and experiences regarding tourism.

The second seminar was held in La Ceiba and included the participation of mayors and representatives from the municipalities of La Ceiba, Trujillo, Utila, Guanaja, Roatan, San Pedro Sula and Choloma, as well as leaders from several of the country’s Garifuna communities. Representatives from local municipal tourism units and the Sustainable Tourism Program also participated.


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