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18 November/ 2004

French travel guide says:
“Honduras is truly a gem to be discovered”

The French travel guide Ulysse Honduras says Honduras’ unique Hispano-American culture and idyllic tropical beaches make the country a multi-faceted gem that is well worth the visit for even the most demanding pleasure and business travelers.

“Although Honduras is still considered a small destination on the map of world tourism, it won’t always be that way,” predicts the guide’s third edition. Growing numbers of travelers are discovering the country and the archaeological treasures of the Copan Ruins, whose spectacular sculpted stelae and majestic stairways invoke the mysteries of Central America’s ancient past.

The Ulysse guide also highlights Honduras’ picturesque hillside villages with their beautiful examples of colonial architecture, which the guide’s writers say are worth a visit of several days. The country’s capital city of Tegucigalpa is also praised, for its narrow streets and colonial architecture.

The guide provides a detailed description of all of the country’s attractions, including majestic mountains, a variety of tropical forests and indigenous fauna, in addition to the coral reefs of the north coast and the natural beauty of the Honduran Caribbean.

Ulysse Honduras guides are now available in bookstores throughout France.


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