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May/ 2004
- Press Releases

A Japanese mission from Houston, Texas visited to Honduras

At Copan Ruinas
A Japanese mission from Houston, Texas visited Honduras from May 21-23rd. The tour group consists of 15 people including business people, a doctor, a professor, representatives of Japanese enterprises accompanied by the General Council of Japan, Karim Quibain and the Japanese ambassador Sr. Masami Takemoto,and Japanese people of Honduras.
At Copan Ruinas
Japanese ambassador, Sr.Takemoto, is committed to promote the tourism of Honduras to Japanese people. And the mission was realized at the first stage of the promotion. He hopes that more than 10 thousand Japanese tourists will come to Honduras in a year.

They arrived at the airport of San Pedro Sula in the morning of the 21st. of May ,visited Puerto Cortes , the fortress of Omoa and enjoyed the beautiful sceneries and local foods.

At fortress of Omoa
In the evening the presentation of the investment & tourism of Honduras was held at Hotel Copantl by Eva Carolina Gomez, Vice minister of Tourism, Nora de Turcios and Carolina Pascua from FIDE.

The next day they visited Copán Ruinas and enjoyed the majestic archaeological site of the Mayan world.

Sr. Seiichi Nakamura, Japanese Archaeologist especially guided them around Copan Ruinas with his archaeological explanation.

Presentation of investment & tourism at hotel Copantl
They visited the excavation site, the archaeological park, the tunnels and the museum of the sculpture.

They enjoyed many sculptures around the site ,each with particular meaning, Rosalila ,the hieroglyphic staircase and so on.

In the evening a party was held at Hacienda San Lucas, with majestic scenery and delicious foods. They admired the beautiful sunset.
At Hacienda San Lucas
Brenie Matute, Minister of International Cooperation, Arnoldo Aviles Minister of Culture,Margarita Durón de Gálvez , the Director of the Institute of Anthrolopology & History and her husband, Mauricio Arias, Major of Copán and his wife, they also joined the party and enjoyed talking with the Japanese people.

Mission Japanes

The experience of the tour will open a new world of Honduras tourism.
IHT(Instituto Hondureno de Tourismo) cooperated with this event.


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