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May 6/ 2003
- Press Releases
Scientific Expedition Uncovers New Archeological and Biological Finds In Honduras

An expedition led by local and foreign scientists has led to the discovery of a series of animal species previously unknown to science, as well as a group of “non-registered” Pre-Columbian human settlements, at Montaña de Botaderos in the department of Olancho.

The “Honduras Indómita” expedition was sponsored by the Tourism Ministry and other institutions. Over a period of 10 days scientists canvassed the areas surrounding the municipalities of Gualaco in Olancho department and Tocoa and Sabá in Colon department in search of information on new animal species and unregistered archeological sites.

Expedition coordinator Arturo Sosa explained that Montaña de Botaderos was rediscovered several years ago by Dr. Mark Bonta, who saw that there was much to be studied in the 65,000 hectare zone filled with a wealth of natural and cultural enigmas - including 8 mounds left behind by an unknown Pre-Columbian culture.

The expedition sought not only to uncover information about the area’s archeological and biological heritage, but also to obtain Protected Area status. This required the support of a long list of participants, including the Ministry of Tourism, the Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History (IHAH), AFE-COHDEFOR, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the University of Texas at Arlington in the United States, and the Honduran fire department.

Sosa says the IHAH has already begun going over the expedition’s discoveries and will soon be holding a public conference to announce its preliminary findings. Efforts will also be made to encourage other scientific groups and universities to return to the zone and tell the world not only about what they find there, but also about the cultural and natural beauty of Honduras. Expedition reports will also be published in professional and scientific journals.

Honduras is promoting numerous studies of this kind under its “academic tourism” project, offering its national parks and protected areas to groups interested in traveling to Honduras and discovering the country’s wealth of natural and cultural heritage.


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