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22 Jun / 2004

WTO to use Honduras as a model for tourism promotion

The success of a series of promotional campaigns launched by the Honduran Ministry and Institute of Tourism has drawn the attention of the World Tourism Organization. The Madrid-based WTO has chosen Honduras to serve as a model for similar campaigns in other target regions.

During the 42 nd meeting of the Commission and Seminar to Evaluate the Efficiency of Advertising Campaigns, held June 24 and 25 in Madrid , Kenia Lima de Zapata, Marketing Manager at the Honduran Institute of Tourism, gave a presentation on Honduras ' experiences promoting its tourism industry abroad. The campaign will serve as a model for other countries that want to advertise their tourist destinations but have limited funds to do so. A delegation from countries across Central America will also take advantage of the event to visit tourist sites in Spain .

The Honduran model will be used by the WTO as an example of the best practices available worldwide. It will be broadcast via the European media. Another topic covered at the event was the state of the tourism industry worldwide in light of today's economic recessions, the tragedy of September 11, the conflict in Iraq and recent attacks against tourists.

The Commission of the Americas also met at the WTO seminar, and a new campaign promoting tourism in Honduras on public transportation in Spain was also launched.


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