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12 June / 2003
Danish Television Will Promote Tourism in Honduras

Denmark’s TV2 television station will begin filming in Honduras this week for a series of clips promoting Honduras on the European tourism market.

The program will be hosted by Danish television personality and singer Signe Svensen, who has come to Honduras as a personal challenge and to get to know Central America. She and her BS television crew will be filming in very remote areas.

The BS crew will be sharing its experience with Svensen in order to visit and discover all of the natural wonders to be seen in Honduras and Central America.

The crew has filmed similar footage in Alaska with another Danish television celebrity, Anja Steensig. With the participation of Special Forces soldiers the Alaska project produced eight programs for channel TV2.

These aired every Tuesday on prime time and became the most highly rated documentary program in the history ofTV2, capturing the attention of 800,000 viewers. It was one of Denmark’s most popular programs ever.

The Honduran program is expected to enjoy similar results and will promote tourism here on this important European market.

The shows will be air don Denmark’s TV2 next fall. Between 700,000 and 900,000 viewers are expected to tune into each episode. Forty percent of these will be 21-50 year olds, the prime target age for tourism.


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