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23 Jul / 2004

Cayo Bonacca gets a facelift

In an effort to boost tourist flow, increase development and revive traditional architectural styles, a program has been launched to clean up and restore the city of Cayo Bonacca on the island of Utila.
The project is part of the Sustainable Coastal Development Program, which is operated by the Ministry of Tourism. It includes technical assistance in repainting selected buildings and conserving their traditional architectural style. The project also provides the manual labor necessary to complete the program.
Of the 25 buildings selected to participate in the pilot project, 17 have already been completed for a 68% completion rate. Already the former splendor of this historic island village is beginning to shine through, a factor that is expected to increase tourism to Guanaja.

Other activities have included a clean-up program for signs and other urban artifacts, as well as the removal of large signs that interfered with the island feeling of the village.


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