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16 Jul / 2004


In an effort to encourage development in the TelaBay region, the Honduran government through the Honduran Institute of Tourism has launched a series of programs aimed at informing the local community about the First Fully Planned Tourism Center (CIP) slated for construction there.

The programs include community organization activities and training of skilled workers in areas like tourism and construction for the Los Micos Beach & Resort, one of the key components of the CIP.Other programs include advocating the construction of a cruise ship dock on the Caribbean coast, urban development in the city of Tela, the inclusion of more parks and protected areas in the countrys top tourist destinations and the construction of the basic services infrastructure needed to meet projected demand.

Meanwhile, a special component called the Prosperity Fund has been launched to provide technical and financial assistance to small businesses operating in the tourism sector.The fund provides seed capital to persons wishing to launch tourism projects in key municipalities throughout the country, namely:Omoa, Tela, La Ceiba, Trujillo, Utila and Guanaja.To date, 35 initiatives have received funding in the first four municipalities on the list.Additional capital will be provided to small businesses on Guanaja and Utila in August.

Among the projects already approved are: the creation of small scale fishing outfits; the production of Garifuna handicrafts; a plastics, aluminum and bronze recycler; a casaba bakery; a tourist train; hotels, bakeries, restaurants, cabanas and eateries; the organization of tourism packages; and taxi services.A total of Lps. 11,675,000 has bee provided to these 35 companies.

The Prosperity Fund is managed with the support of the international organization CHF, which provides assistance in the transparent management of resources.There is also a committee for the analysis and selection of eligible small businesses.This committee is made up of representatives of the National Chamber of Tourism, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the CHF, the Sustainable Coastal Tourism Project and the Honduran Institute of Tourism.


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