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4 July / 2003
INE Joins Tourism Institute
to Strengthen Sector

As part of a new strategy aimed at keeping better records of the country’s tourism trends, the Honduran Institute of Tourism has joined forces with the National Statistics Institute (INE). The two agencies have signed an agreement designed to promote development in the tourism industry by better managing computerized and physical data collected through surveys and censuses in the tourism sector.

The project will also facilitate the exchange of economic, social, demographic and administrative information and create an official data base of tourism statistics.

Signed by Eva Carolina Gomez of the Tourism Ministry and Antonio Rene Soler of the INE, the agreement also calls for the creation of a Technical Committee to design processes for the collection and reporting of statistical data and to make this information more readily available locally and internationally, as well as more reliable.

The Tourism Ministry will launch the process by providing the INE with an information base and criteria for the format, release, location and submission of the raw data collected nationwide. This will encourage greater development in the information collection process.

The joint initiative seeks to quicken data processing procedures, making information more reliable and more readily available to the public. The INE will provide training to Tourism Institute personnel in order to improve the quality of statistical data and promote effective policies to further develop the tourism sector.


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