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3 July / 2003
In the Middle East:
Israeli Agencies will Promote Honduran Tourism

Israeli tour operators recently attended a conference in Tel Aviv on tourism opportunities in Honduras. Sponsored by the Honduran Embassy in Israel, the Tourism Ministry and the Israeli-Latin American Chamber of Commerce, the event was designed to prepare participants to promote tourism to Honduras.

Francisco Zepeda, Honduran Ambassador to Israel, hosted the conference at the offices of the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce. He and representatives from the Honduran Institute of Tourism highlighted the advantages of tourist destinations available in Honduras. They emphasized not only the beauty to be enjoyed, but also the opportunities available to those who would like to invest in this “industry without smokestacks.”

The conference was the first in a series of events that will be held to help prepare a group of 20 Israeli tour operators and tourism officials for a trip to Honduras scheduled for October. The visit is part of a new strategy to promote Honduras on new markets.

“On the trip this October they will have the opportunity to enjoy and get to know the different settings that draw mass tourism to Honduras,” said Ambassador Zepeda. “Tourism that in one small country offers three wide worlds… nature, the Caribbean where Honduran scuba diving is renowned worldwide, and, of course, Mayan archaeology.”

Also participating in the conference was Julio Lopez Tercero, Communications Coordinator at the Honduran Tourism Ministry. He pointed to growing interest among Israel’s private tourism sector to promote Honduras as a destination. “At the Tourism Ministry we are very optimistic about the progress that has been made so far,” he told conference goers. “We hope to further strengthen the ties of friendship and cooperation. Promoting Honduras in this part of the world is a goal of ours. Your support will help strengthen these efforts even more.”

Syma Abramovic, Director of the Israeli-Latin American Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Mario Burnstein, the Chamber’s Assessor, and Debra Fuchs, Director of the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, expressed their admiration and interest in this new opportunity for cooperation and thanked Honduras for the initiative.


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