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February 3/ 2003
- Press Releases
Government program promotes increased tourism in Copan

Honduran President Ricardo Maduro has announced a new plan to invigorate tourism in Copan Ruinas - the principal center of Mayan art, sculpture and science in Central America.

The strategic initiative, a joint program with the Tourism Ministry and the private sector, emphasizes community participation and includes plans for urban development, clarification of land ownership, zoning in its historical downtown, and the restoration of public buildings. It will also improve several of the area’s tourism corridors, complete the pavement of the Guatemalan border highway (Copan-El Florido), increase the number of phone lines in town, improve the El Florido customs office, create an information center, modify daily hours for tourist services and train local authorities in meeting the special needs of tourists.

Plans also include development of the Las Sepulturas archaeological site and its incorporation into the main park, the excavation of the Rio Amarillo site, and the preliminary design, economic analysis and feasibility study for an airport in nearby Rio Amarillo - a site chosen for its proximity and technical characteristics by experts from the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB).


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