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February 1/ 2003
- Press Releases
World tourism organization names Honduras a model country

The World Tourism Organization has named Honduras a Model Country for the successful development of its tourism sector despite its limited budget. Of the WTO’s more than 160 member countries, only 20 were selected for this honor.

Model countries were selected based on regular measurements of their tourism promotion activities and their impact. The efforts of the Honduran Tourism Ministry were a major contributor to the honor and included advertising campaigns, direct mailings, trade fairs, special events, local and foreign information centers and press releases and conferences.

The WTO says countries like Honduras are an excellent example for other developing nations. Even though Honduras had only limited budgetary resources, tourism has nevertheless become a successful industry there, say WTO officials after evaluating and measuring the efforts of each country to develop tourism, and the application of the methodologies set forth in the Better Practices Manual. The Honduran Tourism Ministry will now be participating in orientation activities for other countries.


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