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February 1/ 2003
- Press Releases
Government takes action to control sand flies in the Bay Islands

In an effort to conserve and protect Bay Islands tourism resources, Tourism Minister Thierry de Pierrefeu and Health Minister Elias Lizardo have signed an agreement to join forces to control sand flies on the Islands.

Bay Islands beaches are currently plagued by the small insect, whose presence is a nuisance that can shorten the average length of visitor stays, thereby negatively impacting local economies.

The program will begin at four pilot areas on Roatan (West End, West Bay, Fantasy Island and Parrot Tree) and another four on Guanaja (El Campo, the Posada del Sol Hotel, Michael’s Rock and El Cayo, home to the Bay Restaurant, property of Graham Thompson). Pilot areas will later be identified in Utila and incorporated into the program.

The Health Ministry will contribute a LECO fumigation machine and six nebulizer pumps, as well as protective clothing and training for operators and supervisors.

The Tourism Ministry will cover the cost of transporting the equipment from Tegucigalpa to the Bay Islands and provide a 4x4 pick-up to carry the LECO system, as well as boats to carry personnel and nebulizers on Guanaja. The Ministry will also hire a local supervisor to coordinate the programs, and will provide funds for the purchase of pesticides, fuels and other supplies necessary to carry out the project and maintain its equipment.


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