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January 28/ 2003
- Press Releases
Tourism industry grows by 20%

The 20% growth rate enjoyed by the tourism industry in 2002 translates into a total of 800,000 visitors and a preliminary estimate of $350 million in tourism revenue for the national economy.

Not only did more tourists visit Honduras in 2002, they also tended to spend more money during their stay. On average, tourists spent $750.17, up substantially over 2001’s $530.20.

Over the last five years, tourism in Honduras has grown 15.5%, despite the tragedies of Hurricane Mitch and September 11th. The growth total for 2001 was 10%, for an annual revenue total of $274.6 million. By the end of President Maduro’s term in office, the total number of tourists visiting Honduras is expected to reach one million with total revenues at $500 million.

Meanwhile, the countries of Central America have continued working together to promote the region as a whole to foreign tourists. The Central American Tourism Promotion Agency (CATA) is now fully operational in Madrid, promoting tourism to Central America among both European and Asian travelers. The CATA, an idea launched by Honduras, was agreed upon last year by the Tourism Ministers of each of the participating countries. Additional regional efforts have led to the creation of an official marketing slogan: “Central America: so small… so great.”

In 2003, the Tela Bay project is expected to lay its first stone, after 10 years of preparation and planning. This $140 million project has been made a top priority. When completed it will be a major magnet for tourism in Honduras and the wider Central American region. Locally it will serve as a mainland springboard for trips to other smaller poles of development like the Bay Islands, Copan and the Omoa-Trujillo corridor.


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