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2 December/ 2004

Belgian journalists promote tourism to Honduras

A group of Belgian journalists recently spent 16 days in Honduras, getting to know the country’s many tourism destinations and covering their stay for a variety of magazines, newspapers and other publications dedicated to promoting tourism in that European country.

The visit included a tour of the Bay Islands, where the journalists met with representatives of the Bay Islands Chapter of the National Chamber of Tourism (CANATURH-BAY ISLANDS). The group also took a look at the wide variety of plants and animals being cared for at the Carambola Botanical Gardens and visited the Marine Museum and Research Center at Anthony’s Key Resort.

The tour of Honduras also included a visit to the Copan Archaeological Park, where the majestic Mayan ruins were highly appreciated. La Ceiba was their next destination. There, the exuberant Pico Bonito National Park and the extreme sports it offers made that stop a particular favorite.

Participants included: Dan Colwell of The Bulletin, a magazine based in Brussels for affluent readers; Christian Vander Winnen of Travel Magazine, published for Belgium’s professional travel industry; and Dirk Wagemans and Sigi Wouter, owners and operators of Belgium’s Iguana Travel Tours.

They met with Honduran President Ricardo Maduro, Tourism Minister Thierry de Pierrefeu and other key government officials to explore the different options available for tourism in Honduras, as well as applicable legislation and investment promotion policies.

The visitors promised to return to Belgium to publish reports of their experiences in Honduras and the tourism infrastructure that the country offers, as well as airfare options, particularly covering routes between Europe and Central America.


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