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13 December / 2004

Promoting Honduras in Spain

* Industry leaders promote Honduran tourism in Europe

The Spanish Federation of Journalists and Tourism Writers (FEPET) has offered its support in promoting Honduras’ main tourism attractions among European tourists.

The decision to promote Honduras in Europe was made at the FEPET’s annual International Conference, held this year in Tegucigalpa. The event followed a week/long tour of the country’s top attractions by several participating writers and journalists.

More than 60 FEPER members attended the conference. Their tour of Honduras included stops at the Mayan ruins of Copan and the Bay Islands in the Honduran Caribbean.

The visitors also toured Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, the country’s largest cities, as well as the villages of Santa Lucia and Valle de Angeles, two favorites among tourists and locals alike, located in the central mountain zone.

Participants also met with Honduran President Ricardo Maduro, First Lady Aguas Ocaña and Tourism Minister Thierry de Pierrefeu.

FEPER President Mariano Palacín Calvo said the aim of the tour was “to visit a country that is interested in developing its tourism while at the same time helping to promote that country.”

He added that participants have left Honduras surprised by the diversity that the country offers tourists, as well as the friendliness of its people.

Although Honduras is “a little unknown” among European tourists, he said, “It’s a country with excellent tourism possibilities.” The writers and journalists who attended the event are now poised to promote those attractions in the European media.

“Honduras has all of the basics a country needs for tourism development,” he said.



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