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December 22/ 2003
- Press Releases

A new campaign:
Government Encourages Hondurans to Love Their Country Even More

Executive from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines visits Honduras

The Honduran Ministry and Institute of Tourism has taken advantage of the Christmas season to launch a nationwide campaign encouraging the people of Honduras to cultivate a greater love of their country.

The slogan of the Tourism Culture and National Pride campaign is “Love your land, love your people: Honduras is you.” These words were chosen not only to promote national pride, but also to invite Hondurans to reflect on the importance of “awakening our senses” and understanding that Honduras is what each citizen makes of it.

The campaign highlights the unique beauty that Honduras possesses and the importance of valuing one’s homeland. It encourages Hondurans to feel proud of what is theirs and see the country as their own.

Its fundamental aim is to change attitudes among Hondurans and create an atmosphere that reaches out and welcomes tourism. “If the people don’t love their land or aren’t proud of their place of birth, then we can hardly ask them to change their attitudes.”

“Love your people, love your land: Honduras is you” is the third segment of a campaign launched by the government to make Hondurans more open to tourism. It includes a series of ads that feature the natural and cultural beauty of Honduras - attractions that many Hondurans have never taken the time to get to know, to use their senses to explore.

The ads take advantage of all five senses - sight, taste, smell, touch and sound - to show Hondurans what they’re missing when they don’t take the time to see, taste, smell, touch and listen to the marvels that their country has to offer.

The project was designed to encourage every Honduran to love Honduras more, to get to know the land where they were born, and to contribute to the arduous labor that it will take to preserve, protect and promote these marvels while at the same time extending a cordial welcome to those who come to visit them.


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