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27 August/ 2004

Tourism Ministers Coordinate Efforts Throughout Region

In order to coordinate efforts and integrate tourism throughout Central America, the ministers of tourism from each of the countries of the region met in late August. On their agenda was the Central American Tourism Agency (CATA) currently operating in Madrid to promote tourism to Central America across Europe.

Honduran Tourism Minister Thierry de Pierrefeu said one of CATA’s goals is to bring direct flights from Europe to Central America in order to facilitate travel between the two regions. Central America is a very attractive destination for Europeans seeking variety and authenticity in their tourism options. Adventure, archaeology, colonial art, living cultures, tropical nature and beach vacations are readily available throughout the region.

In addition to the region-s tourism minister, the meeting also included the participation of representatives of the private sector in an effort to coordinate the activities of the public and private sectors.

A second meeting is scheduled next week in San Jose, Costa Rica to continue discussion regional efforts to promote each of the products included in the “Central America: so small yet so great” campaign.


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