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27 August/ 2004

World Bank Evaluates Environmental Impact of Tourism in Honduras

The World Bank and the Norwegian government will be working jointly as part of a strategy to reduce poverty through tourism development. They will be evaluating the environmental and social impact that tourism is having on the Honduran North Coast, the Bay Islands and the region surrounding the Mayan ruins at Copan - the country’s three tourism focus points for development.

According to preliminary figures obtained by the World Bank delegation, significant investment is still required to improve basic services and satisfy the demands of both local residents and tourists in areas like wastewater treatment in the Bay Islands and on the North Coast. Regional evaluations of tourism projects are also necessary, says the delegation, as are efforts to strengthen micro-businesses and train personnel in the sector.

The evaluation is aimed at encouraging sustainable tourism development in Honduras. Changes made on the North Coast as a result of the evaluation will be designed to serve as a model for tourism development elsewhere in the country as well. The strategy also includes the development of a National Plan for Ecotourism.

The Honduran government is the first in Latin America to create and implement an environmental evaluation strategy as part of its tourism development plan. Brazilian experts are currently looking at ways to apply the Honduran model to their own tourism sector.


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