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April/ 2004
- Press Releases

In La Esperanza, Intibuca

New alternatives for tourism

The natural beauty of La Esperanza in the department of Intibuca has long been hidden from public eye. But not anymore, thanks to the efforts of the Intibuca Municipal Tourism Committee and a group of local tourism service providers. Together they will be working to spread the word among local and foreign tourists that there are many sites to enjoy in the La Esperanza area.

One example is a hike through the "dwarf" forest and its trees that date back more than 75 years and tower nearly seven meters into the sky. Other options include a visit to the Center for Indigenous Crafts Training or a look at the traditional folkloric dance known as the Guancasco. The La Esperanza area is home to many members of the Lenca Indian culture.

And don't forget the spectacular 150-meter waterfall that cuts the Rio Grande , or a hike through lush mountain nature up the Cerro de Hoyos mountain. All it will take is one visit and you, too, will be convinced that the La Esperanza rural area is an excellent option for tourists. 


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