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April/ 2004
- Press Releases

At overland border crossings with El Salvador and Guatemala :

Honduras Speeds up Immigration and Customs Procedures

In order to speed up immigration and customs procedures for tourists visiting Honduras from El Salvador and Guatemala during the Semana Santa holiday, the Ministry of Tourism and the Immigration Department have set up an innovative new system at overland border crossings between these countries.

The pilot program will be in operation during the Semana Santa holiday only, from April 2 nd through the 11 th . It will allow visitors to enter and leave Honduras from El Salvador and Guatemala with a one-stop pass.

Travelers will be required to fill out only one form, which they will then present at the border crossing to be stamped at a joint desk with officials from both countries. The procedure will be available at the Amatillo, El Poy, Agua Caliente, El Florido and Corinto checkpoints.

The program was designed to make it easier for visitors from El Salvador and Guatemala to visit Honduras and enjoy the country's many tourist destinations. Without it, time-consuming border crossing procedures swayed many potential visitors away from Honduras .

Upon returning to their home countries, visitors need only show immigration officials their stamped card. No other procedure is required for their return trip.

The form to be filled out and presented at the border crossing is available online at Honduras' official tourist web site www.letsgohonduras.com under a special link called "FACILITACION MIGRATORIA DE SEMANA SANTA."

Also available to visitors is a suggestion box where they can make comments and complaints about the tourist services they receive in Honduras and the transparency of government transactions made.

In 2003, Honduras received a total of 886,000 visitors and 624,000 tourists. Of these, 60% came from other Central American countries.


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