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April/ 2004
- Press Releases

New Board of Directors Chosen for Tela Bay Project

At their most recent General Assembly, stockholders for the Tela Bay project (Sociedad Desarrollo Turístico Bahía de Tela S.A. ) chose a new Board of Directors and entrusted its members with the task of looking out for the interests of the project and moving it forward.

The new board includes: Maria Antonieta Guillen de Bográn, former Director of Tourism; José Maria Agurcia, President of the Honduran Council for Private Enterprise (COHEP); Thierry de Pierrefeu Midence, Minister of Tourism; Ricardo Martínez, President of the National Chamber of Tourism of Honduras (CANATURH); Jacobo Nicolás Atala Zablah, General Manager of Banco Mercantil (BAMER); Juan Antonio Bendeck Bendeck, President of Industria Maderera Progreseña (IMAPRO); and César Augusto Batres Galeano, founder of the firm Bufete Batres & Asociados.

The company Desarrollo Turístico Bahía de Tela S.A . was founded at the beginning of 2003 by the Honduran Institute of Tourism. All of the company's shares are held by the Honduran Institute of Tourism, except for one, which is held by the Honduran Chamber of Tourism.

Among other topics, the agenda for the General Assembly also included presentations of the company's General Balance for the year 2003, the Project's advances, the current state of the company, the Operative Budget for 2004 and the Project's Development Strategy.


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