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April 23/ 2003
- Press Releases
Ministries of tourism and
natural resources publish
first honduran bird guide

The Honduran government - through the ministries of Tourism and Natural Resources—has officially announced the publication of the Guia de Aves de Honduras. This field handbook for bird identification is the first of its kind specifically covering the species that inhabit Honduras.

The guide was presented at a special ceremony led by Tourism Minister Thierry de Pierrefeu and Natural Resources Minister Patricia Panting. It written by Peace Corps Volunteers Mark Bontá and David Anderson, in a joint effort inspired by well-known local specialists like Jorge Betancourth, Gustavo Cruz and Pilar Thorn.

The 186-page guide brings to life a passion for birds. It illustrates the beauty, strength and abilities of some of Honduras’ most magnificent varieties, while providing text descriptions for 701 different species. The index includes exotic birds like the escaples macaw, the harp eagle, the emerald hummingbird, quetzales, toucans and hundreds of other birds that inhabit the country’s protected areas and buffer zones. Both native birds and migratory species escaping the cold winters of North and South America are included.

The book is a gift to all of the citizens, researchers, students and birdwatchers who wish to set out on the adventure of discovering the fascinating lives that these birds live in the tropical ecosystems of Honduras.

“Our country is home to 7% of the world’s biodiversity, even though Honduras covers only 0.08% of the earth’s surface,” said Pierrefeu. “Honduras is privileged to have these resources. We had the raw material; what we needed was a guide that would promise tourists access to one of the country’s most memorable and enjoyable experiences. This makes the guide an effective tool for promoting certain kinds of tourism.”

“The Honduran Embassy in Washington, USA has already launched the guide in that country,” said Panting. “Starting today, we’ll also be promoting the guide internationally. It will also be on sale and available to students and any person or visitor who would like to have information about the habitat present in our country.”


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