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April 4/ 2003
- Press Releases
Sophia Foundation Honors Honduran Archeologist

Courtesy Diario El Heraldo
The Sophia Foundation, an organization dedicated to the study and promotion of the art and thought of traditional cultures, honored Central American archeologist Ricardo Agurcia for his contribution to the world’s knowledge of the Mayan culture. The Foundation’s president, Francis J. Vilar, presented the award during a seminar that Agurcia gave on Pre-Columbian archeology in Palma de Mallorca in April. The seminar was part of the Foundation’s I Series on the Mayan Culture.

”We are pleased to have Professor Agurcia in Palma de Mallorca, Co-Director of the Copan Archeological Project and renowned promoter of the New Archeology,” said Vilar. “His notable discoveries have shed light on the fundamentals that help us understand the thoughts and evolution of the Mayan culture.”

During Agurcia’s stay in Mallorca, the Sophia Foundation also inaugurated a photography exhibit titled: “Copan: Mayan Witness”, featuring photographs by Arturo Sosa, Juan Bendeck and Vicente Murphy. The exhibit will remain open to the public at the Foundation’s headquarters.

In addition to its work with traditional cultures, the Sophia Foundation also sponsors philosophers, artists and researchers in other fields of the humanities. The I Series on Mayan Culture was sponsored by Hasso Rent a Car Mallorca, Banco La Caixa and the Hotel Marina Copan in Copan Ruinas, and the Copantl Club in San Pedro Sula and Copantl Suites in Tegucigalpa.


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