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19 / Oct / 2005  

Traditional Toys and Games in New York

Traditional toys and games were part of the presentation of the Honduran delegation at New York’s Hispanidad en la Capital del Mundo Parade in mid-October, reminding hundreds of Hispanic spectators of their childhood adventures involving tops, wagons, hoops and other toys.

Not only did the traditional games and toys have an impact on the Honduran community – the tops and bicycle rims were a common language for Mexicans, Colombians, Dominicans and other Hispanics as well.

Latin America’s traditional toys and games have no borders and are a genuine part of our popular culture, making it even more crucial that they not be allowed to disappear.

It is in this light that an effort is currently underway to organize a Hispanic American Festival of Traditional Toys with the participation of organizations from Honduras and other Latin American countries.

The Parade

Honduras was represented in the parade by Sociedad Hondureña, presided by Mirian de Mendez, as well as El Comite Civico Hondureño and La Federacion Internacional Hondureña.
The sponsor of the Honduran delegation was Jose Alvarado, a legislator from Westchester Country. The Grand Marshall was Honduras’ Consul General in New York, Lizandro Rosales Banegas.

Honduran singer Rigo Lambert enjoys with Jose Lambert of the Coyote dance troupe.








Honduras was represented in the parade by a float bearing the national flag and the Virgin of Suyapa.








Each delegation had its own sponsor and Grand Marshall. For Honduras it was Jose Alvarado and Lizandro Rosales, Westchester County legislator and Consul General of Honduras in New York, respectively.








Nelson Medina, event promoter, demonstrates one of the most popular traditional games.












The Comite Civico Hondureno participated with a float of its own.







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