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21 / Abril / 2005  

Feasibility study done on Honduran Caribbean cruises

Mayors, representatives from the chambers of tourism and commerce, mayor candidates and tourism service providers attended the event.

Hired by the Honduran Institute of Tourism, the consulting firm Bermello, Ajamil & Partners recently gave a presentation to the municipal authorities of Omoa, Tela, La Ceiba and Trujillo on the “Feasibilty Study and Assessment of the Honduran Caribbean Cruise Dock,” which will include a passenger terminal and other facilities.

There were 95 participants at the event, including mayors, representatives from the chambers of tourism and commerce, mayor candidates and tourism service providers and representatives of community organizations and Garifuna groups.

Bermello, Ajamil & Partners has a long history in developing projects and building cruise docks at destinations throughout the world.

The firm’s presentation included an explanation of how to market cruises, identify sites, evaluate their potential and make a final selection based on a series of criteria such as tourism resource, nearby attractions, infrastructure, proximity to urban centers, docking conditions and synergy.

Alter a full technical evaluation, the firm has recommended two sites to host the first stage of the development of a Honduran cruise industry:the bays of Tela and Omoa.The next step will be to carry out further studies to make a final decision between the two.

“What’s most important is not the site where the dock is located, but the best way for the most Hondurans to benefit from it,” said Juan Gomez Melendez.

Governor of the Department of Colon.

“The success of this cruise dock depends on us.A project of this magnitude is a triumph for Honduras,” added La Ceiba Mayor Gonzalo Rivera.

Other steps that remain pending are a full market analysis, the identification of needs regarding port and passenger facilities, sea and land area requirements, and private investment opportunities.


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