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01 / Feb / 2005  

Aid will help Lenca Route develop its tourism potential

A new project is underway to better prepare the Lenca Route to accommodate the growing numbers of tourists that visit the area each year.

Authorities from the Honduran Institute of Tourism are working with representatives of the COLOSUCA tourism association (which unites numerous Lenca communities from Lempira department in Honduras) to further promote the Lenca region and extend the average stay of visitors there.

The Lenca Route, which spans the towns of Gracias, Santa Rosa de Copan and Copan Ruinas, is considered to be one of the country’s up-and-coming tourism destinations, popular for its ecological, adventure and cultural attractions.

The second phase of the project began December 1 and will be completed on November 30.It includes the creation of a visitor’s center for tourists interested in learning more about Lenca pottery and will also feature sales of other handicrafts common in the zone.

Visitors will also have an opportunity to see the artisans at work.Meanwhile, Phase II also includes the creation of a Public Use Plan for CelaqueNational Park in order to increase and improve the services that visitors receive there.

The plan will include a visitor’s kiosk providing information about attractions throughout the region.A web site will also be created to promote the region online.

The COLOSUCA Circuit Project has an estimated budget of US$380,000, funded by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation.The project is working to train tour guides in the municipalities of La Campa, San Manuel Colohuete, San Sebastien, San Marcos de Caiquin, Gracias and Belen.

These trained guides will be able to guide visitors to adventure and hiking sites throughout the Lenca zone.

The COLOSUCA Project also receives support from the Mayor’s Offices of participating communities.Visitors to the Lenca Route enjoy a variety of attractions, including colonial architecture and a variety of historic churches that can be a part of religious tourism as well.


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