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03 / January / 2005

With support from IFHSA- Kodak and the Ministry of Tourism, the United Nations Volunteer Program present

In order to spread the Word about Honduras both at home and abroad, to promote an interest in Honduras and what the country has to offer so that the country enjoys greater tourism and revenues, to encourage a greater sense of national identity and pride among Hondurans, to support Honduran arts, and to create a means by which to increase anthropological and historical research while promoting visual images of “what has yet to be discovered in Honduras,” the Honduran Institute of Tourism, IFHSA-Kodak and the United Nations Volunteer Program will carry out the “Honduras in 24 Hours” project on February 13 and 14.

The project, an initiative of the United Nations Volunteer Program, seeks to build a bridge between tourism, photography, anthropology, history and culture, among other sectors. The idea is to join forces and reap benefits for the entire nation. Local and foreign photographers alike are invited to submit works featuring the natural and cultural riches of specific parts of Honduras in a variety of categories) People, Landscapes, the Environment, Architecture, Anthropology, Culture). Winners will be published worldwide in a book, on a web page and on posters. Winning photographs will demonstrate the technical skill and individual style of the photographers, both amateur and professional. The jury will be looking for variety and contrast and images that show the best of what Honduras has to offer.

Interested photographers contact:
Daniela Borrego
United Nations Volunteer Program
220-1100 ext. 1722


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